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304 stainless steel pipe actual standard steel seal content details introduction

by:HHGG     2021-05-03
304 stainless steel pipe actual standard steel stamp content details introduction 2020-08-13 Many stainless steel pipe manufacturers have stamped the steel stamp on the tube body, so what are the specific content of the 304 stainless steel pipe stamp? Why does this content make consumers more at ease? Stainless steel pipe manufacturers 304 stainless steel pipe material identification No matter it is 201, 304 or 316, many stainless steel pipe bodies will have these identifications, some are direct numbers, some are used grades, and some start with the Japanese standard sus, but they will all be printed. You can see exactly what material it is by looking at the body stamp. Brand and trademark logos are the same as material logos. This is also the content that stainless steel pipe manufacturers will stamp on the tube body. This is a must for brand promotion. Specification and model identification. It should be said that there are many stainless steel pipe manufacturers that rarely print the specifications of the pipe. Basically, they are the specifications that are affixed to the outside of the tube head packaging. However, some manufacturers print them, but the quantity is very small. Thickness markings Actually, the real and virtual markings have become a common topic. Few manufacturers in the market have the thickness of the steel stamp on the tube body, not to mention the actual thickness. It is not only responsible for the brand, but also responsible for the consumers of stainless steel pipes. The sign of the age limit will also be marked with the sign of the factory age of the stainless steel pipe in the content of the stamp, which should be a small reference basis for handling after-sales problems. Details of the actual standard stamp of the stainless steel pipe manufacturer As a stainless steel pipe manufacturer, stainless steel has taken a different path-stamping the thickness of the stainless steel pipe on the steel stamp of the pipe. When some colleagues were still using thin tube labeling to fill thick tubes to deceive consumers, stainless steel chose to use the form of real standard steel seal to let consumers understand consumption, not to cheat, and to engrave integrity on their faces. Quality is the life of an enterprise, and integrity is the soul of an enterprise. Stainless steel, with real standard steel seal, good integrity, so that users can consume with confidence.  
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