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304 stainless steel pipe will also rust, do you know the reason?

by:HHGG     2021-05-04
304 stainless steel pipe will also rust, do you know the reason? 2020-09-06 304 stainless steel pipe is used in many places and many fields because of its corrosion resistance. However, did you know that stainless steel pipes can also rust? What is the reason? ? Today, I have sorted out some reasons why stainless steel pipes rust. Stainless steel pipe manufacturers stainless steel pipe products 1. Contaminated by the salt in the coastal sea breeze. 2. Contaminated by corrosive gas produced in hot spring area. 3. Contaminated by the mucous membrane for surface protection. 4. When it is polluted by harmful substances such as sulfurous acid gas contained in the exhaust of cars, buses, etc. 5. It is polluted by dust and harmful components in exhaust from various industrial and mining waste incineration, building cooling and heating, etc. 6. Contaminated by cleaning chemicals. Contaminated by hand marks and dirt. 7. When road construction, construction projects, or various vehicles are walking, they are attached to the scattered earth, sand, dust, iron powder, etc. The above 7 reasons will cause the stainless steel pipe to rust, but why does the stainless steel pipe have excellent corrosion resistance and not easy to rust? It contains chromium. In the air, it combines with oxygen to form a firm surface and form a dense non-oxidized film. This non-oxidized film can prevent oxidation (rust) on the surface of the steel, and can protect the surface to prevent corrosion by various corrosive factors. . If this kind of film is damaged due to some corrosion, and it is placed in a place where chromium and oxygen cannot be combined, the stainless steel pipe building material will begin to rust. However, as long as the cause of corrosion is eliminated and chromium can be combined with oxygen, a non-oxidized film will be produced again and its corrosion resistance function will be restored. Therefore, 304 stainless steel pipe products sometimes rust, but as long as regular maintenance is performed, the original appearance of the stainless steel pipe can be maintained. Of course, it has something to do with its own quality. Choosing a good quality stainless steel tube will greatly reduce the probability of rusting. The stainless steel tube made of the raw material of the refining furnace J1 is not easy to rust and is loved by many users.  
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