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A photo says marketing | knowledge of stainless steel pipes

by:HHGG     2021-04-28
A photo about marketing 2017-05-22 This is a photo taken in front of the franchise store of stainless steel Xiayi processor Li Kang when we visited Xiayi on the 20th. I took this picture for a processor to see, and I asked him what did you see? He said it was beautiful. I said, what else did I see? He did not speak for a long time. I said you take a picture of your store when you get home and compare it together. Think about it, if this store is next door to you, what will happen to your business. He was suddenly taken aback. Weiyi’s method is that we open a store like this first, and cannot wait until someone else opens a store like this next to us. To learn more about stainless steel investment and joining consultation, please call the stainless steel 24-hour service hotline:! Consult and get samples for free!  
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