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Can stainless steel decorative pipes be used as water pipes?

by:HHGG     2021-04-19
Can stainless steel decorative pipes be used as water pipes? 2018-12-23 Many customers often come to the website for inquiries, and they will ask us which models and specifications of stainless steel pipes are available? We usually ask about the use, and if there is a customer, it will be 'for water pipes.' In fact, it is mainly made of stainless steel decorative pipes, and most of the stainless steel decorative pipes are welded stainless steel pipes, which are specifically used in architectural decoration, such as staircase guardrails, anti-theft windows, protective fences, safety fences, anti-theft doors, newspapers and magazines. In these aspects of the pavilion, because there are many materials for decorative pipes, many customers will say, 'Whether it is 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel that a good material is not enough to make water pipes?' If it is possible according to the material, but the welded steel pipe The workmanship cannot be used to make water pipes. One of the water pipe materials is food-grade stainless steel, but most of them are made of seamless pipes or stainless steel pipes with strict welding standards. The inside and outside of the pipe are handled correctly, while the outer surface of the architectural decoration stainless steel pipe is important. . Therefore, stainless steel pipes can be used as water pipes, but general stainless steel welded pipes for architectural decoration cannot be used as water pipes. If you want to make water pipes, you can find a manufacturer of stainless steel water pipes. You can't find a building decoration pipe manufacturer for cheap processing fees. Still this sentence, different uses, the use of different stainless steel materials, but also requires different workmanship, used in the appropriate field to give full play to its actual effect.  
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