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Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival

Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival


 Celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival

 In the summer The lotus leaf is green, the frog calls the cicadas. All the beautiful fragments in memory. It seems to be a hot summer scene overnight Along with entering June. And we also ushered in The Dragon Boat Festival full of fragrance and sweetness.


Origin of the holidays

   The Dragon Boat Festival is the fifth day of the fifth month of the lunar calendar and is called the four major Chinese folk festivals along with the Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, and Mid-Autumn Festival. As the biggest traditional festival in summer, the origin and formation of the Dragon Boat Festival are closely related to the summer season. After the fifth day of May, the temperature began to rise, and the weather gradually entered the hot period. At this time, various pests and five poisons multiplied and bred. The people set up the Dragon Boat Festival and prevent diseases and epidemics.

Dragon Boat Festival Customs

   The dragon boat has a long history and has been handed down since ancient times. It is a traditional Chinese folk water sports and entertainment project. It is mostly held at festive festivals and is a group paddle competition for many people.

   Eating rice dumplings during the Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional custom of the Chinese nation since ancient times. Zongzi, a kind of glutinous rice dumplings, was called "Zong Zong" in ancient times, and also known as "horned rice dumplings", "Zong Zong", "tube dumplings" and so on.

    Wearing sachets, also known as "Rongxiang", commonly known as "scented bags", are small sachets filled with spices, mostly sewn with brightly colored silk fabrics. Young men and women wear it on the body, taking its fragrance and decorating it. The sachet contains cinnabar, realgar, and fragrant medicine. It is wrapped with silk cloth, and the fragrance is overflowing. The five-color silk string is buckled into a string, which is made in various shapes and formed into a string, all kinds of colors, exquisite and lovely.

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