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Characteristics and uses of stainless steel welded pipe

by:HHGG     2021-04-24
The characteristics and uses of stainless steel welded pipe 2018-10-18 Stainless steel welded pipe, as the name implies, is a welded pipe. Like stainless steel seamless steel pipes, it is only a type of steel pipe, mainly used in engineering construction departments; while stainless steel seamless steel pipes are a kind of A long steel strip with a hollow section and no joints on the periphery has the characteristics of uneven wall thickness, low brightness on the inside and outside of the tube, and high cost of sizing. Therefore, it is mainly used for structural materials such as high strength and high pressure. From the perspective of production use, stainless steel welded pipes are mainly used to transport water, oil, air, and generally lower pressure fluids such as heating hot water or steam, and other purposes. Some welded pipes can also be used for mine pressure, drainage, and shaft gas discharge. etc. The stainless steel seamless pipe can be used not only in engineering and large-scale equipment to transport fluid pipelines, but also in power stations and nuclear power plant boilers that resist high temperature and high pressure to transport fluid headers and pipelines, etc.  
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