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Delivery length of stainless steel pipe|Stainless steel pipe knowledge

by:HHGG     2021-04-21
The delivery length of stainless steel pipe 2017-11-28    The delivery length of stainless steel pipe is also called the length requested by the user or the length of the contract. There are several rules for delivery length in the specification:   A. Normal length (also known as non-fixed length): Any stainless steel pipe whose length is within the length scale of the specification and without a fixed length request is called normal length. For example, structural pipe specification rules: hot-rolled (kneaded, expanded) steel pipe 3000mm~12000mm; cold drawn (rolled) steel pipe 2000mm~10500mm.   B. Cut-to-length length: Cut-to-length length should be within the usual length scale, which is requested in the contract A fixed length specification. However, in practice, it is impossible to make sure that the fixed-length length is determined. Therefore, the positive error value that the fixed-length length rule is allowed in the specification.  C. Length of multiple feet: The length of multiple feet should be within the usual length scale. The contract should indicate the length of the single feet and the multiples of the total length (for example, 3000mm×3, which is 3 multiples of 3000mm, and the total length is 9000mm). In practice, the total length should be added with a positive error of 20mm, plus a cutting margin should be left for each single ruler length. Taking structural pipe as an example, the rule is to leave cutting allowance: outer diameter ≤159mm is 5~10mm; outer diameter>159mm is 10~15mm.   D, scale length: the scale length of stainless steel pipe is within the usual length scale, when the user requests it When a certain length of scale is fixed, it shall be indicated in the contract.   It can be seen that the scale length is looser than the fixed-length and double-length requirements, but it is much stricter than the usual length, which will also bring about a decline in the yield rate of the production company. Therefore, it is reasonable for the production company to raise the price. The fluctuation of the price increase is usually about 4% of the base price.  
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