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Don't buy this 304 decorative stainless steel pipe anymore?

by:HHGG     2021-03-31
Don’t buy this kind of 304 decorative stainless steel pipe anymore? 2020-04-23    Recently, many friends have consulted our stainless steel pipe manufacturers for the price of 304 stainless steel decorative pipes. Many customers feel that it is more expensive than other homes and did not choose. But are those cheap ones really good pipes? Stop buying those cheap stainless steel decorations. Today I will share with you what kind of 304 stainless steel pipes for decoration are worth buying?    One, the raw material is first decided on 304 stainless steel pipes. The quality factor is the pros and cons of the raw materials. There are two common raw materials for stainless steel pipes, one is the steel strip of the stainless steel tube of the intermediate frequency furnace and the steel strip of the stainless steel tube of the refining furnace. The so-called intermediate frequency furnace steel belt is poor in terms of material and production process, and it is not well grasped for composition control, and it is also very harmful to the environment. In addition, the polishing effect is poor, the hardness is high and the deep processing is difficult, and the important thing is that the performance is unstable and the corrosion resistance is poor. The intermediate frequency furnace is unstable and easy to rust. The steel strip of the stainless steel tube of the refining furnace is made from ore and other materials with refined furnace coal. It is ideal for controlling harmful raw materials. The material is soft, well polished, and the weld seam is flat. The key is strong corrosion resistance and not easy to rust. long life. Stainless steel tube manufacturer refining furnace steel belt II. After-sales service depends on whether the stainless steel tube manufacturer has after-sales service. Generally, it is like 304 stainless steel tube. You may not see any problems at the beginning. Many problems may occur after use, like some cheap ones. The stainless steel pipes rust after a period of use and there is no after-sales service. This has caused a lot of trouble in our lives. We feel that we are at a loss, but when buying those cheap stainless steel pipes, we should think that we will bear it. This is the result, so when choosing, you still have to choose a manufacturer with after-sales service. If there is a problem later, it is guaranteed. Stainless steel pipe manufacturers 3. Popularity When choosing 304 decorative stainless steel pipes, you will find that there are many manufacturers. Of course, there are stainless steel pipe manufacturers with reputation and reputation. It is more secure. A good reputation will have customers willing to trust their brand. Quality, so choose well-known stainless steel pipe manufacturers as much as possible. Do you dare to purchase from those unknown manufacturers?    The above is some small knowledge about choosing 304 decorative stainless steel pipes, which only represent personal opinions. If there are any mistakes, please point it out, hope Give everyone help when purchasing stainless steel decorative pipes!   
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