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For Xiyouwo, what is a flawless 'product'?

by:HHGG     2021-04-08
What is a flawless 'product' for you? 2020-11-21   The product can reflect the heart of the producer. The things made by the rough-hearted people are rough, and the things made by the delicate-hearted people are delicate. By manufacturing a large number of products, and then selecting qualified products from them, with this idea, it is impossible to produce products that satisfy customers.  The production technology of the product is perfect. On this basis, all employees are concentrated and operate carefully, and no defective product is allowed. The goal must be that every product is flawless.  ——Inamori Kazuo 'Kyocera Philosophy'  In our stainless steel decorative pipe industry, the current industry is fiercely competitive, and the market is seriously oversupply. Many companies are trying to sell more products and occupy more market space. However, most companies are lowering their prices without thinking about making flawless products and winning customers' favor with flawless products.   Our stainless steel, since the beginning of the establishment of the factory, we have adhered to the principle of 'quality firstEvery link from raw material procurement, rolling, striping, to workshop manufacturing is strictly controlled, and quality is emphasized. At the beginning of our business, we set the goal of 'being the best stainless steel pipe in China' and let the stainless steel pipe become famous all over the world. For so many years, we have insisted on making solid standards and thick, filling out the quality assurance letter for every customer, and every stainless steel pipe has a coded ID card.   For so many years, we do not compete with price, but dominate the market with product quality, and have won the trust and favor of our customers. In the current fierce market competition, many companies are losing money, and our company's profits are rising every year.   We deeply know that our products are still far from 'perfect' as the head of Inamori Juku said. Therefore, our family members in the production department must work hard to practice production technology and make products well.  As our manufacturing enterprise, what customers buy is products. We must make products 'immaculate' and win the trust of customers with 'immaculate' products. This is the root of the long-term healthy development of an enterprise.   I think that, as a manufacturing enterprise, it is not enough that the quality of stainless steel decorative pipe is good. Product quality should also include service, and the sunny smile of every salesperson is also product quality. Our stainless steel decorative pipe agents, processors, and every family member's heart is also our product quality. If we from the company's sales staff to distributors and processors, every family member cares for customers with altruism, our stainless steel decorative pipes are truly 'perfect'.  
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