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Foshan stainless steel pipe calculation formula summary | stainless steel pipe knowledge

by:HHGG     2021-04-14
Summary of calculation formulas for stainless steel pipe 2017-12-11 With the vigorous development of the stainless steel pipe industry, stainless steel decorative pipes are used more and more widely. The following editor will collect some practical calculation formulas for stainless steel pipes. 1. Cost u003d solid thickness ÷ physical thickness x incoming price + freight + processing fee 2. Coil price is switched to flat price u003d coil price x solid thickness / physical thickness + Kaiping fee 1003, flat price is switched to coil price u003d plate Price x physical thickness / actual thickness-opening fee 1004, roll length u003d roll net weight / 7.93 / roll width / actual thickness 5, the calculation of the price including tax u003d the total weight of the goods / 1.04 (1.04 represents 4 points-1.07 is 7 Point) such as: 10,000 tons of goods / 1.04 u003d 9615.3846 tons x ton price u003d the result is such as: 1 ton of goods u003d 15800 a ton / 1.04 u003d 15192.3077 excluding tax price 6. The total volume of the known coil weight and price Weight u003d roll weight x price 7. Stainless steel plate: thickness x width x length x7.93 such as: 2.0x1.22x2.44x7.93u003d47.2kg/piece 8. Stainless steel tube: (outer diameter-wall thickness) x wall thickness x0 .02491 Such as: (57-3.5)x3.5x0.02491u003d4.66kg/m9, stainless steel round bar: diameter x diameter x0.00623 such as: 18x18x0.00623u003d2.02kg/m10, stainless steel angle steel: side length x Side length x7.8x0.000198 such as: 40x40x7.8x0.000198 u003d 2.47kg/m (side width + side width-side thickness) x side thickness x 0.00793 such as: (40 + 40-3) x3x0.00793 u003d 1.83Kg/m 11. Stainless steel flat steel: thickness x width x0.00793 such as: 8x80x0.00793u003d5.08kg/m 12, stainless steel square tube: (side width x4÷3.14-thickness) x thickness x0.02491 such as: (40x4÷3.14-3 )x3x0.02491u003d3.58Kg/m13. Hexagonal steel: opposite side x opposite side x0.006914, square steel: side width x side width x 0.00793 or more. Except for the length and width of the board in meters, other specifications are all For millimeters. For more information about stainless steel pipes, please visit the official website of Huajialong.  
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