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Foshan Xiyouwo Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.---Stainless steel material conversion formula|Stainless steel tube knowledge

by:HHGG     2021-04-14
Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.---Stainless Steel Material Conversion Formula 2018-03-28 Stainless Steel Co., Ltd.---Stainless Steel Material Conversion Formula Stainless Steel Round Bar: Diameter χ Diameter χ0.00623 Such as: 18χ18χ0.00623u003d2.02Kg/m Hexagonal Steel: Opposite side χopposite side χ0.0069 square steel: side width χ side width χ0.00793 stainless steel square tube: (side width χ4/3.14-thickness) χ thickness χ0.02491 stainless steel flat steel: thickness χ width χ0.00793 such as: 8χ80χ0.00793 u003d5.08 Kg/m stainless steel pipe: (outer diameter-wall thickness) χ wall thickness χ0.02491 such as: (57-3.5) χ3.5χ0.02491u003d4.66 Kg/m stainless steel plate: thickness χ width χ length χ7.93 such as :2.0χ1.22χ2.44χ7.93u003d47.2 Kg/piece of stainless steel angle steel: side length χ side length χ7.8χ0.000198 such as: 40χ40χ7.8χ0.000198u003d2.47 Kg/m (side width + side width-side thickness) χ Side thickness χ0.00793 such as: (40+40-3) χ3χ0.00793u003d1.83 Kg/m Stainless steel pipe manufacturer's national sales hotline:!  
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