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How do Foshan stainless steel pipe manufacturers detect missing welds of stainless steel pipes?

by:HHGG     2021-04-15
How do stainless steel pipe manufacturers detect missing welds of stainless steel pipes? 2020-10-29    As a stainless steel pipe manufacturer, when stainless steel is welding stainless steel pipes, it is found that if the welding technology is not proficient, or the welding is not checked in time after welding, there may be a phenomenon of missing welding. Therefore, it is very necessary to use a certain method for missing solder detection. Today, the stainless steel editor of the stainless steel pipe factory is here to give you a popular science.   Missing welding generally refers to the fact that there are solder joints that are not welded during the welding process. Missing welding can easily cause quality accidents. The true cause of the missing welding is difficult to find, and the entry point to solve the problem is not clear. The preventive measures can only strengthen self-inspection, increase the flow quality inspection and increase the frequency of final inspections to prevent the occurrence of missing welding and open welding. The unqualified will not be handed over to the next process.   To detect the leak-proof material of the electric welding, the colored flaw detection agent can be used. Colored flaw detection is a method of non-destructive testing. It is a surface inspection method mainly used to detect surface damage such as cracks that cannot be recognized by the naked eye, such as detecting near-surface defects (cracks), pores, porosity, and separation of stainless steel materials. Defects such as layer, lack of penetration, and lack of fusion (also known as PT inspection). It is suitable for checking compact metal materials (welding seams), non-metal materials (glass, ceramics, fluoroplastics) and defects (cracks, pores, etc.) on the surface of products. The basic principle of stainless steel pipe welding    color penetrating flaw detection agent: Use coloring agent to coat the surface of the material, and the coloring agent penetrates into the damaged part. After a period of time, rinse off the colorant on the surface. Apply developer to the cleaned surface, and the damaged part is clearly visible because the colorant penetrates into it.   The stainless steel pipe factory uses infrared missing welding detection equipment to detect whether there is missing welding. Infrared missing welding detection is a non-destructive testing technology that uses the method of measuring the infrared radiation of components to obtain the surface temperature or temperature distribution to determine whether there are internal defects in the operating state. If any missing welding is found, the equipment will send out an alarm message, and the production machine will automatically cut off the stainless steel pipe corresponding to the alarm to prevent the missing welded stainless steel pipe from flowing into the next process. In addition, the stainless steel pipe factory also adopts a hierarchical quality inspection process. The next process supervises the previous process. If the unqualified product is found, the report will be rewarded. Layers of quality inspection ensure that the stainless steel pipes entering the market are all high-quality products, so that users can use them with confidence.   Regarding the missing welding of stainless steel pipes, any questions you have, please call and leave a message for consultation. The stainless steel pipe factory welcomes you to visit the factory at any time.  
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