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How should the stainless steel refrigerator door be cleaned? |Stainless steel pipe knowledge

by:HHGG     2021-04-27
How should the stainless steel refrigerator door be cleaned? 2017-11-29 Stainless steel refrigerators are loved by people for their clear and shiny stainless steel surface. Many families choose stainless steel refrigerators when they choose refrigerators. However, when stains, fingerprints and other residues accumulate on the stainless steel refrigerator door, Will affect the appearance of the refrigerator. Today stainless steel teaches you how to clean stainless steel refrigerator doors. Recipe for removing stains on the surface of the stainless steel refrigerator door:   In a spray bottle, pour one-third of water, two-thirds of white vinegar, a few drops of detergent, shake well and spray on the refrigerator door, find a superfine Wipe it with a fiber towel and it will be extremely clean. To learn more about stainless steel knowledge, please call the stainless steel 24-hour service hotline:!  
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