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How to choose stainless steel pipe for engineering when connecting to the construction site|Stainless steel pipe knowledge

by:HHGG     2021-04-05
How to choose stainless steel pipes for engineering when connecting to the construction site 2016-12-19 Recently, many customers have consulted on stainless steel pipes for engineering. For engineers who are in contact with stainless steel pipes for the first time, many do not know the material and thickness of stainless steel pipes for engineering. In terms of budget and Party A’s requirements, it can be judged whether to use 201 or 304 material, and the wall thickness should also be selected in combination with safety and budget. The price of 201 material is cheaper than that of 304, but the corrosion resistance is not strong. If Party A's requirements are higher, 304 stainless steel pipe is still used. The wall thickness is generally recommended to be more than 1mm to ensure the firmness of the material. Generally speaking, the stainless steel pipes used in engineering are used as handrails or guardrails. The commonly used materials are 201 and 304, and the specifications are generally stainless steel round pipes with diameters of 63, 51, 38, and 25. Stainless steel specializes in the production and sales of engineering stainless steel pipes, and there are also many engineering customers who have cooperated. Whether it is a conventional 6-meter-long stainless steel decorative pipe or a non-standard stainless steel pipe that needs to be customized, it can meet the needs of customers. More engineering customers are also welcome to purchase pipes. Our sales and service hotline is:! Consult and get samples for free!  
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