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How to distinguish 304 stainless steel decorative tube from 201 stainless steel decorative tube with naked eyes

by:HHGG     2021-04-09
How to distinguish between 304 stainless steel decorative pipe and 201 stainless steel decorative pipe with the naked eye When we purchase stainless steel decorative pipes in life, some unscrupulous merchants will sell 201 stainless steel decorative pipes as 304 stainless steel decorative pipes in order to obtain greater benefits. Today, as a stainless steel pipe manufacturer, I will share with you how to distinguish the difference between 304 stainless steel decorative pipe and 201 with the naked eye. 1. Observe the surface brightness. It can be observed with the naked eye that the 304 stainless steel tube has a good gloss and shine, and the hand touch is very smooth; the 201 stainless steel tube is dark in color and has no luster, and the touch has a rough and not smooth feeling. Stainless steel pipe manufacturers 304 stainless steel decorative pipes. Second, use the stainless steel pickling agent to coat the two types of stainless steel decorative pipes respectively. After 2 minutes, watch the color change of the stainless steel decorative tube at the application site. The 304 material is whitish or does not change color, and the stainless steel decorative tube of 201 material is black. 3. Polishing with a grinder. You can use a grinder with a grinding wheel to gently polish the two types of stainless steel decorative tubes. When polishing, the sparks of 304 stainless steel pipes are shorter, thinner and less. On the contrary, the sparks of 201 stainless steel pipes are longer, thicker and longer. Many, the force must be light when polishing, and the two types of polishing force are the same, which is convenient to distinguish. 4. Real-standard steel seal Choose a well-known stainless steel pipe manufacturer. For example, the stainless steel decorative pipe of a stainless steel pipe manufacturer has a real-standard steel stamp on the tube body, and you can clearly see the words '201' and '304Anti-counterfeiting labels to prevent counterfeiting. The important thing for the stainless steel pipe manufacturer 304 stainless steel pipe is to choose a stainless steel pipe brand manufacturer. I believe that the stainless steel pipe brand that has been in business for many years will not smash its own brand for this benefit. I hope that the above points will help you when choosing stainless steel decorative pipes.  
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