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How to distinguish whether stainless steel welded pipes have been annealed | stainless steel pipe knowledge

by:HHGG     2021-04-09
How to distinguish whether stainless steel welded pipes have been annealed 2017-12-28 Annealing is a heat treatment process for stainless steel welded pipes. Its purpose is to eliminate residual stress, stabilize size, and reduce deformation and cracking tendency. It is difficult to distinguish stainless steel welded pipes with the naked eye. There is no annealing, so you can take some methods to help you distinguish. Today, the editor of the stainless steel welded pipe manufacturer will introduce you some knowledge in this area. 1. The pipe can be judged by echo. Tap the welded pipe with a little stronger force and listen to it with your ears. The echo at the nozzle, if the echo is higher and sharper, it means that it has been annealed. Then why does it produce a higher echo? It is caused by the relatively uniform and dense crystals inside the annealed part. There are no structural defects in the annealing. It will absorb most of the sound wave energy, so the echo at the nozzle is relatively small. If possible, you can use sonar to detect. 2. Use a digital multimeter with better accuracy to measure the unit length of each tube (such as 2 M) resistance. The resistance of stainless steel is relatively large, and the resistance after annealing is smaller than that of unannealed. There should be no liquid left on it before the test. Not all stainless steel welded pipe manufacturers will be annealed when the pipes are produced This process, so you must learn to use the above methods to distinguish between annealed stainless steel welded pipe and non-annealed stainless steel welded pipe, so that you can avoid buying shoddy products during the purchase process.   
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