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Is there any difference between 304 stainless steel pipe|Stainless steel pipe knowledge

by:HHGG     2021-05-01
Is there any difference in 304 stainless steel pipe? When looking at the information, two nouns 304H and 304L suddenly appeared. What is the difference between this and 304 stainless steel? According to the content of chromium and nickel, they are all 304 stainless steel, the composition is 18% chromium (Cr), 8% nickel (Ni), and the main difference lies in the carbon content. The carbon content of 304H stainless steel series is higher, the carbon content of 304L stainless steel series is slightly lower, and the carbon content of 304 stainless steel is between the two. In general, the corrosion resistance of the three is similar, but after welding or stress, the lower the carbon content, the better the grain boundary corrosion resistance, but the price will also be different. Stainless steel has long-term supply of 304 stainless steel pipes for refining furnaces, with high quality and low price. It is your choice for stainless steel business!  
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