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Maintenance after metal surface treatment in Foshan Stainless Steel Pipe Factory|Stainless Steel Pipe Knowledge

by:HHGG     2021-04-15
Maintenance after metal surface treatment in stainless steel pipe factory 2017-12-26 After various heat treatment, mechanical processing, transportation and storage, the surface of stainless steel pipe will inevitably be oxidized and produce an oxide layer of uneven thickness. At the same time, it is also susceptible to various oil pollution and adsorption of other impurities. For oil stains and some adsorbents, the thinner oxide layer can be cleaned with solvent, chemically treated, mechanically treated, or directly chemically treated. For the surface of the severely oxidized stainless steel pipe, the oxide layer is thick, and it cannot be directly cleaned with solvent or chemically treated. It is better to perform mechanical treatment first. Generally, the surface of the treated stainless steel pipe is highly active, and it is more likely to be contaminated by dust, moisture, etc. again. To learn more about stainless steel pipe maintenance, please call the stainless steel pipe manufacturer's 24-hour service hotline:! Consult and get samples for free!  
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