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Packaging Standards of Foshan Stainless Steel Pipe Factory|Stainless Steel Pipe Knowledge

by:HHGG     2021-04-15
The packaging standard of stainless steel pipe factory 2017-05-27 The stainless steel pipe factory will put a plastic packaging tape on the surface of the pipe when the pipe leaves the factory. So what is the packaging standard of the stainless steel pipe when it leaves the factory? Today, the stainless steel editor is for everyone Explain! 1. 1) When packaging, distinguish product specifications, thickness, mislabeling or confusion specifications, 15 yuan/time/person. And correct all the wrong products. 2) If the labeling is wrong due to the previous process, the responsible person will be punished by 30 yuan/time, and the packager will be rewarded. 3) Rework and tear off the original label, and directly cover the label with a penalty of 20 yuan/time/person. 4) It is strictly forbidden to use handwritten labels. Pasting handwritten labels privately will be punished by 20 yuan/time/person. 2. The packaging bags are used in strict accordance with the standards, and misuse is strictly prohibited. If misuse is found, a penalty of 50 yuan/time will be given. 3. It is strictly forbidden to pack a large number of repair welded pipes and butt joints in the same package. The ratio of the first-level pipe to repair welded pipes and butt joints in the same package should be 10:1. Violators will be fined 20 yuan. 4. 1) The tape is not bundled for 5 turns and is not tight enough. Not tied in the middle. 2) The lead package is not neat and leaks. 3) The certificate and anti-counterfeiting paste are skewed and not pasted according to the distance. 4) If the above phenomenon is found, a fine of 10 yuan/time/person will be imposed. 5. Products with unqualified packaging and need to be reworked will not be counted, and a fine of 10 yuan/time will be imposed. 6. If the surface of the tube is dusty, it needs to be wiped clean before packaging. If the tube surface is found to be dirty and directly packed, it will be punished at 10 yuan/time. 7. The product should be handled with care during the packaging process. If the product is found to be beaten, a penalty of 100 yuan/time/person will be given. 8. If the packaging is not neatly placed, a penalty of 10 yuan/time/person will be given. 9. If the polishing is not bright but not found, and the package is packaged, a penalty of 30 yuan will be deducted. 10. 60*30, 50*50, 75*45, 95*45 In order to reduce surface scratches, this product is carried by two persons to the packaging rack, and the middle of each row of tubes is padded with a wooden board. Lift the tubes in time, throw one to lift one , The pipe is not allowed to fall on the unloading rack. If the pipe is not lifted in time, the plank is not laid during the layering, and the crane hangs the pipe, the penalty is 100 yuan/time/person. 11. Packers have the right to supervise product quality. If product quality problems are not singled out or discovered, the direct packager will be punished according to the severity of the circumstances. Quality problems include: missing welded pipes, black-line pipes, poor polishing, and irregular lengths. , Strain, crush, spiral pattern, etc. 12. Packers obey the leadership and work arrangements of the monitor. The company has specifications for rushing the goods. When the monitor arranges to pack first or work overtime, the packer cannot refuse, otherwise it will be fined 100 yuan each time. Note: Pay attention to sun protection, anti-drenching, moisture-proof, and anti-collision during transportation of stainless steel. During transportation in summer, avoid exposure to the sun after dew. At any time, be sure to cover the shed before leaving the vehicle.  
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