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Stainless steel pipe error and public service | stainless steel pipe knowledge

by:HHGG     2021-04-20
Stainless steel pipe error and public service2017-11-28    stainless steel pipe error: in the production process of stainless steel pipe, because the practice code is difficult to meet the nominal specification request, that is, it is usually larger or smaller than the nominal specification, so the specification rules the practice specification for stainless steel pipe There is a difference between it and the nominal specification. A positive difference is called a positive error, and a negative difference is called a negative error. Stainless steel pipe service: The sum of the positive and negative error values u200bu200bof regular stainless steel pipes in the specification is called service, also called 'public service belt'.    Error is directional, that is, it is indicated by 'positive' or 'negative'; Public service has no directionality. Therefore, it is wrong to call the error value 'positive public service' or 'negative public service'.  
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