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[Stainless steel pipe] Experts use this, precautions for stainless steel pipe inspection

by:HHGG     2021-04-29
[Stainless steel pipes] Precautions for inspections of stainless steel pipes used by professionals 2019-09-17    As a stainless steel pipe manufacturer, the stainless steel sales network is spread all over the country, and stainless steel pipes need to be shipped from the factory to various cities. Usually we have a cooperative transportation company, and they will arrange the corresponding vehicle transportation. But there are also some cases of cooperation with logistics companies. This involves the inspection of stainless steel pipes after they arrive. Expert agents and engineering companies know how to inspect goods. Below, the editor summarizes a few points based on their experience: When receiving the goods for stainless steel pipe inspection, whether it is a stainless steel pipe agent or a stainless steel pipe engineer The stainless steel pipe should be inspected on site for damage during transportation. The procedure for inspecting the pipes when receiving the goods is generally:    1. Before unloading, perform an appearance inspection. For example, whether the packaging of the stainless steel pipe is intact and undamaged; when unloading, perform an appearance inspection again to confirm whether the stainless steel pipe has suffered accidental damage during transportation.  2, stainless steel pipes may be improperly handled in every link of unloading, transportation or stacking, causing damage or depression of the stainless steel pipes. Under normal circumstances, the outer surface of each pipe should be inspected to check for damage.  3, the stainless steel pipe agent or engineering company should check the quantity of stainless steel pipe according to the bill of lading to avoid missing or incorrect delivery quantity.  4. Store the stainless steel pipes found to have traces of damage separately from other pipes and should not be handled without authorization.   The above are the matters that should be paid attention to during the inspection of stainless steel pipes. The following editor will share with you the matters that should be paid attention to during the transportation and storage of stainless steel pipes. Stainless steel pipe hoisting    1. Stainless steel pipes should have special storage racks. The storage racks should be wooden or painted carbon steel brackets or cushions with rubber pads to isolate them from carbon steel and other metal materials. When storing, the storage location should be convenient for hoisting, relatively isolated from other material storage areas, and protective measures should be taken to avoid contamination of stainless steel by dust, oil, and rust.  2, when hoisting stainless steel pipes, special hoisting tools, such as hoisting belts, should be used. Wire ropes are strictly prohibited to avoid scratching the surface; and when hoisting and placing, avoid impacts and scratches caused by scratches.  3. When stainless steel pipes are transported, transportation tools (such as trolleys, battery cars, etc.) should be used, and they should be clean with isolation protection measures to prevent dust, oil, and rust from polluting the stainless steel. Procrastination is strictly prohibited to avoid bumps and scratches.   The above are some precautions summarized by the editor of the stainless steel pipe manufacturer. I hope it can be helpful to everyone.  
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