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The composition and maintenance method of stainless steel staircase guardrail

by:HHGG     2021-04-25
The composition and maintenance method of stainless steel staircase guardrail 2018-10-28 The stainless steel guardrail structure commonly used in our homes is generally divided into main poles and uprights. The main poles are often called main pipes, and the uprights can also be called risers. Support the supervisor. The stainless steel railing post is a vertical component that is fixed to the building structure and used to support handrails and fix glass plates, metal plates, steel rods, steel cables or metal meshes. It is the main load-bearing component of the guardrail. Stainless steel guardrail columns are mostly used in building balconies, stairs, landscape enclosures, passage separations, etc. Stainless steel products must be maintained at ordinary times. When cleaning stainless steel guardrails, do not use steel wire balls for cleaning, which will remove the protective layer on the surface of the stainless steel guardrail. There is no need to clean items during the cleaning process, which will also damage the protective layer of the stainless steel guardrail. Clean with water during cleaning, and wipe with a dry cloth after cleaning, which can reduce the damage to the surface caused by water oxidation. Do not use maintenance agents to maintain the stainless steel guardrail, it will not play a maintenance role, it will also damage the material of the guardrail surface, and shorten the service life of the stainless steel guardrail. To understand common sense about stainless steel pipe products, please call the service hotline of stainless steel pipe manufacturers:!  
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