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The stainless steel anti-theft window is rusty, who is responsible? |Stainless steel pipe knowledge

by:HHGG     2021-04-18
The stainless steel anti-theft window is rusty, who is responsible? 2017-11-19 A common sense shared by people in the stainless steel industry should be: stainless steel is not rust-proof! When the general perception of users is: stainless steel does not rust, and rust is not stainless steel, as a person in the stainless steel industry, it is necessary for us to explain why stainless steel rusts? When it rusts, who is the responsibility? Stainless steel itself has the ability to resist atmospheric oxidation, but also has the ability to corrode in media containing acid, alkali and salt. However, the size of its anti-corrosion ability varies with the chemical composition of the steel itself, the state of mutual addition, the conditions of use and the type of environmental media. For example, 304 stainless steel pipe has excellent anti-corrosion ability in a dry and clean atmosphere, but when it is moved to a coastal area, it will quickly rust in sea fog containing a lot of salt; while 316 steel pipe has performance good. Therefore, it is not any kind of stainless steel pipe, which is corrosion-resistant and does not rust in any environment. Stainless steel is resistant to rust by the chromium-rich oxide film (protective film) on its surface. When this protective film is destroyed, rust will naturally appear. Under what circumstances will the protective film be destroyed? Who is to blame? 1. Responsibility for the user's use environment When the user uses in high-polluting areas (such as seaside, chemical plants, brick factories, electroplating and pickling plants, water plants, sewage treatment plants, etc.) or cleaning stainless steel pipes with corrosive chemical products, it will cause Rusty. 2. Responsibilities of the processor When the processor or manufacturer cuts stainless steel or iron when installing the product, splashing iron filings on the surface of the steel pipe will cause rust. Installing before painting walls or houses can also cause stainless steel products to rust. 3. Responsibilities of distributors Distributors do not pay attention to the protection of stainless steel pipes during transportation. Mixing the stainless steel pipes with chemical products that can pollute and corrode or transport in rainy days will cause two water to penetrate into the packaging film, which will cause rust. 4. Responsibilities of the pipe-making plant The weld seam of the pipe-making plant is rough-polished, and black lines will cause rust. 5. Responsibilities of the rolling mill The annealed steel strip becomes black, and ammonia leakage from the furnace bladder perforation will cause rust. 6. Responsibilities of the steel mill. The peeling and trachoma of the steel strip will cause rust. Substandard materials can cause rust. Therefore, when stainless steel pipe products appear to be rusty, it is necessary to conduct in-depth investigation and research by very knowledgeable technicians to make a reasonable division of responsibilities. This time reflects the importance of after-sales service for stainless steel pipes. When the stainless steel products purchased by the user have after-sales service, once there are any quality problems, the manufacturer can be contacted in time. The manufacturer sends professional technicians to the user’s home to investigate and determine the cause of the rust of stainless steel products. If S is the reason for the stainless steel pipe factory, a reputable and responsible stainless steel pipe factory will make reasonable compensation, so that the user has no worries. Many people choose brands with guaranteed quality and guaranteed after-sales when buying a house or decorating a house. The same should be true when choosing stainless steel products. Choose a stainless steel brand with after-sales service to make our life more exciting! Stainless Steel is a stainless steel pipe manufacturer with warranty service book in the whole country. Since the establishment of the factory in 2010, the warranty certificate has been in use ever since. The warranty certificate not only allows users to rest assured, but also allows processors to have no worries about the future. It can also increase the single profit of processing merchants. After the processor fills in for the user, we will have professional customer service personnel to conduct regular return visits based on the user's information in the warranty service book. On the premise of ensuring quality, our service will make users more approve of stainless steel, which in turn will bring more referral business to processing merchants. Quality makes the brand, the brand leads the market, and the market generates profits. Service is the guarantee. Good quality and good service let customers choose you. Believe in the power of quality!  
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