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The state supports the stall economy, you need a 'weapon' to take advantage of it

by:HHGG     2021-04-10
The state supports the stall economy, and you need a 'weapon' when you are ready to move. 2020-06-06    Because of the impact of the epidemic, in order to encourage the recovery of business as soon as possible, and in order for the city to become active as soon as possible through this period of sluggish consumption, local governments introduced A strategy of encouraging street stalls. The policies introduced by the state can be said to be good news for low- and middle-income people and street vendors. There are also many 'white-collar workers' who are also ready to move. If you want to join the stall group, you can know what to prepare?    In addition to the things you want to sell, you also need a handy 'weapon' and a cart to display the goods. , I recommend using 304 stainless steel pipes, one is light, the other is beautiful, and the third is long service life, just like the common plastic material on the market, light is light enough, but it is easy to weather after a long time of use. It is particularly easy to break, and the iron is strong enough but quite bulky. The display is already heavy, plus the weight of the display stand itself is not heavier? And the display stand made of 304 stainless steel tube does not have these problems at all.   For you who are ready to set up a stall, don’t take this weapon quickly!   
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