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The tortuosity of stainless steel pipe|Stainless steel pipe knowledge

by:HHGG     2021-04-20
The tortuosity of the stainless steel tube2017-11-28   A. Partial tortuosity: Use a one-meter straight ruler to lean on the tortuous part of the steel pipe, measure the chord height (mm), that is the partial tortuosity value, and its unit is mm/ m, indicating that the method is 2.5mm/m. This method is also applicable to the tortuosity of the pipe end. B. Total tortuosity of the total length: Use a thin rope to tighten from both ends of the pipe, measure the chord height (mm) at the bend of the steel pipe, and then convert it into a percentage of the length (in meters), which is the length of the stainless steel pipe. Full length tortuosity.   For example: the length of the stainless steel tube is 8m, and the measured chord height is 30mm, the tortuosity of the full length of the tube should be:   0.03÷8m×100%u003d0.375%   
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