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Troubles and solutions of stainless steel pipe polishing machine|Stainless steel pipe knowledge

by:HHGG     2021-04-22
Troubles and solutions of stainless steel tube polishing machine 2018-03-29 The failures and solutions of stainless steel tube polishing machine mainly include: 1. The main machine can not rotate after starting. The method: turn on the power, connect the 220V voltage according to the diagram, and repair the worm gear box. Send it to the repair center for repair. 2. The motor can’t start. Methods: turn on the power supply, press the thermal relay reset switch; replace the contactor; replace the fuse polishing machine 3. The grinding head base vibrates during polishing. Methods: grinding or replacing the polishing wheel 4. Polishing The tube is severely bent after polishing. Method: readjust the center line and adjust the pressure of the grinding head wheel. 5. The polished tube is not bright enough after polishing. Method: replace the polishing wheel and wax; adjust the grinding wheel
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