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Under what quality standard can stainless steel welded pipe be rated as good steel

by:HHGG     2021-04-24
Under what quality standards can stainless steel welded pipes be rated as good steel?2018-10-08    Everything in the world is good or bad, and stainless steel welded pipes are the same. There are grades. Only stainless steel pipes that meet the quality standards can be evaluated For good steel. The country has formulated a set of stainless steel pipe grade standards in this regard. Understanding these standard requirements can help us select and identify good steel products. Today, let us learn about the quality standards under which stainless steel welded pipes can be rated as good steel. 1. Good stainless steel welded pipe products GB/T17395-2008 requirements: outer diameter: 70±0.3mm, wall thickness tolerance: 2.2±0.2mm, length tolerance: 4060-0/+5mm;   2, curvature E3 standard (full length Curvature 0.1%);   3, ovality NR2 (ovality not greater than the allowable deviation of outer diameter 5%);   4, outer wall polishing Ra≤0.8 (or Ra≤0.1); stainless steel industrial welded pipe 5. Stainless steel welding After completion, the surface should be cleaned up in time. Stainless steel welded pipe manufacturers    6. After finishing the surface treatment of stainless welded pipes, care should be taken to protect the finished product, avoid the touch of personnel, and avoid secondary pollution such as oil and dust.   Know a good stainless steel welded pipe, and then you can choose a high-quality product. The stainless steel decorative pipe factory uses refining furnace steel belts to provide you with good stainless steel welded pipes. Please rest assured to purchase. Purchasing hotline: .  
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