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What causes the gloss of stainless steel decorative pipes

by:HHGG     2021-04-17
What is the reason that affects the glossiness of stainless steel decorative tubes?2019-05-05 Stainless steel decorative tubes can be seen everywhere in life now, and everyone gradually knows and understands stainless steel products. Whether you are an insider or a layman, direct observation of stainless steel decorative tubes is to watch For its glossiness, everyone will find that when there are more stainless steel decorative tubes, why do some stainless steel tubes of the same pattern look bright and some are a little dull? Today, I will briefly tell you what are the reasons that affect the luster of the pipe. 1. The quality of raw materials-only good raw materials produce good products, and the content of good steel strips is stable. The naturally produced stainless steel decorative pipes will be bright, while the stainless steel decorative pipes produced by inferior steel strips will have unstable element content, so the pipes are dark. . 2. Manufacturing process-The polishing process in the production process has a direct impact on the glossiness of the stainless steel decorative tube. 3. Thickness of stainless steel pipes-stainless steel decorative pipes with a thickness of 0.52-1.1 mm are better polished, because thinner and thicker polishing strengths are more difficult to handle. Thin pipes with high strength will be deformed, and thick pipes with low strength will be polished. Can't reach.  
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