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What effect does phosphorus have on stainless steel pipes|Stainless steel pipe knowledge

by:HHGG     2021-04-03
What is the effect of phosphorus on stainless steel pipes 2018-01-20 The composition of stainless steel pipes contains phosphorus. What effect does phosphorus have on the use of stainless steel pipes? Today, the stainless steel editor will discuss with you. The metallic element phosphorus is a harmful impurity element in general steel. Phosphorus can increase the strength and cold work hardening of stainless steel, but it will increase the temper brittleness of stainless steel, especially low temperature brittleness. However, the harmfulness in stainless steel pipes is not as prominent as in general steel, so the phosphorus content in stainless steel pipes can be allowed to be higher. The phosphorus content in the domestic stainless steel pipe standard GB/T14976-2002 is required to be below 0.035%.  
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