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What should be paid attention to when welding stainless steel decorative pipe?

by:HHGG     2021-04-19
What should be paid attention to when welding stainless steel decorative pipe? 2019-02-15 In our daily life, we often come into contact with stainless steel staircase handrails, anti-theft windows, anti-theft doors, and stainless steel chairs, but how did they become these items from stainless steel decorative tubes? Are there any precautions when welding? The following editor will give you a brief introduction: 1. When using a power supply with vertical external characteristics, if it is a direct current, it is better to use the positive polarity, and the stainless steel decorative tube should be welded to the negative electrode. 2. If you are welding a thinner plate, use the stainless steel decorative pipe welding method, which has the characteristics of beautiful welding seam shape and small welding deformation. 3. When welding stainless steel decorative pipes, the gas protected is nitrogen. Pay attention to its purity, welding current, current required for nitrogen, and nitrogen flow. 4. For the length of the gas sprayed from the tungsten filament, the length is about 4mm, and after some fillet welding, it is better to be 2mm. 5. In order to reduce the possibility of pores in the welding of stainless steel decorative pipes during operation, the welded parts should be cleaned up if there is rust or oil stains. 6. In order to reduce the possibility of oxidation of the back surface of the bottom weld bead when performing the bottoming of the stainless steel decorative pipe, the back surface also needs to be protected by gas. 7. In order to protect the stainless steel decorative pipe during welding, nitrogen can fall into the molten pool. Related professionals feel that the centerline of the tungsten electrode and the welding workpiece should generally maintain an inclination. Are you clear now?  
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