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Why choose 304 stainless steel pipe with real standard steel stamp

by:HHGG     2021-04-17
Why choose 304 stainless steel pipe with real standard steel stamp 2020-08-21 It is said that the current stainless steel market is chaotic. When purchasing, the material is usually distinguished based on the steel seal. If the 304 stainless steel pipe does not have the steel seal, would you dare to buy it? Mark the 304 stainless steel pipe with the material identification, whether it is the national standard (06Cr19Ni10), the Japanese standard (SUS304), or the American standard (304), these are just to prove that the material is genuine 304 stainless steel. Of course, it does not mean that the pipe without the 304 steel stamp is not necessarily made of 304. In some special fields or the special requirements of customers (for example, the 304 required by some machinery manufacturers or equipment factories will order pipes without steel stamps from stainless steel pipe factories), some customized pipes are also not stamped. It cannot be said that a stainless steel pipe without a steel seal is not 304, but I hope that consumers will pay more attention when encountering a pipe without a steel seal, and double-check whether it is the real 304. 304 stainless steel pipe factory 304 stainless steel pipe is still mostly in the field of decorative pipes The steel stamp of the pipe will be marked by the material, whether it is 201, 304 or 316. It is recommended that if you purchase pipes, you should be optimistic about the material, look for the manufacturer, and choose the service. Marking the specifications and models of the pipes, the factory age and the person in charge number on the steel stamps is a method that has been used since 2014. The actual thickness of the pipes is stamped on the steel stamps of the pipe body, not only to avoid mixing the pipes during processing, but also Make users trust us more. Trust is always the biggest boost for transactions. What has always been advocated is word of mouth, and what is word of mouth, word of mouth is to let users use it with peace of mind, peace of mind, and liking. The real standard steel seal tells the user how thick the tube is, honesty and trustworthiness without fraud. Doing business is to solve the problem of trust. With trust, there is no need to worry about no customers and no business. Really smart businessmen value the trust of others in us as the most precious and more important than anything else. Because this is the job of businessmen, the future, and the success of a lifetime depends on trust. With user trust, our business can become better and better. The real standard steel seal of stainless steel pipe is real and thicker and more honest, which makes users more trustworthy. Help you get rid of vicious competition, let you achieve happy business, happy business.  
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