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Why is the color stainless steel tube not easy to rust?

by:HHGG     2021-04-07
Why is color stainless steel pipe not easy to rust? 2020-04-24      With the progress of the times, the stainless steel pipe industry has also launched a series of color stainless steel pipes, which solves everyone’s fatigue of the common natural stainless steel pipes on the market and satisfies everyone’s appreciation for stainless steel. For the individual needs of decorative tube colors, users who have used colored stainless steel tubes will find that colored stainless steel tubes have better corrosion resistance and are not easy to rust. Today, I will share with you why colored stainless steel tubes are not easy to rust? Color stainless steel tubes Generally, the process of color stainless steel tubes is color plating. The color is plated on the basis of the natural color stainless steel tube to turn it into a color stainless steel color tube. A protective layer is added to the natural color stainless steel tube, so as long as the color is plated. Is it not easy to rust? Actually, there are two different processes for color plating, one is vacuum plating and the other is water plating. The thickness of the color film made by vacuum plating is uniform, and the color is durable. The color stainless steel tube made by technology will have more colors to choose from, but the cost will be higher in comparison. Vacuum plating color stainless steel tube    water plating is cheaper than vacuum plating, so the color of the plating is like nail polish and it will be wiped off, and the quality is poor. Therefore, it is easy to rust. It is recommended to use vacuum electroplated pipes when choosing color stainless steel pipes. If vacuum ion plating is used, the color film layer thickness is uniform, the color is lasting, and the life is longer.   Have you learned the benefits of vacuum-plated colored stainless steel tubes? Welcome everyone to come and purchase our vacuum-plated stainless steel tubes.  
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