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Why is the stainless steel pipe produced by Xiyouwo not easy to rust?

by:HHGG     2021-04-17
Why is the stainless steel pipe not easy to rust? 2018-12-18 As a stainless steel pipe manufacturer, we all know that stainless steel pipes are afraid of rust. Rust will not only affect the reputation of stainless steel pipe agents, affect customer relations, and seriously make our stainless steel pipe business worse and worse. So what are the main causes of rust? 1. The raw materials are peeling, trachoma, and easy to rust. 2. There are black belts and yellow belts in the rolling mill, which are easy to rust. 3. Strains appear in the pipes made by stainless steel pipe factories, black lines are polished, and rust is easy to occur. 4. If there are pollution sources in the use environment, it is easy to rust. So why are our stainless steel pipes not easy to rust? Because we do a good job of the links we can control. First, 100% of the raw materials are made of refining furnace steel belts, and the quality of raw materials is good and guaranteed. Secondly, we choose a high-quality rolling factory to roll annealed steel strips for us, and during the production process, we found that the black strips and yellow strips are directly treated as waste, and pipes are not allowed. Third, in the management process, our family makes every effort to keep the substandard products in the factory and cannot send them to customers. Therefore, the products made of stainless steel pipes are not easy to rust, please feel free to use them, dear users.  
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